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Driveway Tyres is an independent, friendly, family run business providing mobile tyre fitting, puncture repairs, TPMS repairs, battery replacement and mobile valeting.

We come out to your location and carry out repairs to your vehicle whether you are a sole customer needing a puncture repair or a business with a fleet of vehicles requiring a more bespoke service.

Thanks to the combined number of years experience and knowledge our staff have gained within the industry we can offer...

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How to read your tyre Size

When someone asks you what is your tyre size, do you know? Do you know how to find out?

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Checking your tread depth using a 20p piece

Not sure if your tyres a road legal but want to check. It simple and straight forward to do using a 20p coin, watch our video for our expert explanation.

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Specialist and Uncommon Tyres

Have a particular tyre in mind or if there are only certai types of tyre that could be fitted to your vehicle, dont worry we can solve the problem of getting the tyre for you.

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EU Tyre Labeling

On November the 1st 2012 the European Union brought in a legal requirement on tyre labelling for manufacturers and retailers of tyres. All labels must display fuel consumption, wet grip and noise classification for that tyre.

Each label includes a classification from the best performance (green Category ‘A’) to the worst performance (red category ‘G’).  The label has three different pieces of information on it which are...

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Summer / Winter Tyres

We all know that the UK long range and even short range weather forecasts can be unpredictable and that cold weather can creep up on us without warning!  Some winters being very harsh with below freezing temperatures and others mild without a spec of snow!

Winter weather can and often does catch us unawares with ice, snow and anything in between. The main thing to be aware of is that winter weather can bring with it treacherous and hazardous driving conditions with an increased likelihood of road accidents. Also...

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Budget Tyres

Most people who buy a budget tyre base their choice solely on the price and not much thought goes into it apart from that. Why spend more on a premium tyre when you can buy a budget tyre for a fraction of the price? What is the cheapest tyre you can get for your car?

Choosing the right tyre....


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Mid Range Tyres

Mid-range tyres offer you the option of purchasing a tyre with more safety features, better performance and greater durable than budget tyres. All with a price tag that is lower than premium tyres.

Mid-range tyres are often made by the same manufacturers as premium brands, go through more safety testing than budget brands and have better technology in their development. This gives you ...


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Premium Tyres

Premium tyres offer a better overall performance than budget and mid-range tyres. They are pricier than other tyres but are more resistant to wear on tear and provide reassurance due to their added safety testing.

Most importantly ...

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Choosing Your Tyre

Tests show that if the tread drops below 3mm, this can make the tyres performance drop and is considered unsafe in the wet and snow. The minimum legal requirement of the tread is at least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the tyre.

It is essential for you to ensure you choose a suitable tyre for your car as tyres affect the safety, driving performance and stopping distance. You should think about ....

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Mobile Caravan Tyre Fitting

All caravan tyres need replacing at some point. They are the only part of a caravan that makes contact with the road surface, thats why it is important to change them when they are properly maintained.

If you are not sure how to check if they need changing or would just like to change them anyway ....

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