Why buy a mid-range tyre?

Mid-range tyres offer you the option of purchasing a tyre with better performance and greater durability than budget tyres. You may find Mid-range tyres suit your purpose better whether your in your personal vehicle or a company vehicle. Mid-range tyres are normally slightly more expensive that a budget tyre.

Tyre performance mid-range tyres

Mid-range tyres are often made by the same manufacturers as premium brands, go through more safety testing than budget brands and have better technology in their development. This gives you more reassurance when making the important decision on choosing your tyre which is an important safety feature of your car.

The mid-range brands may not be as well-known as premium tyres but mid-range tyres have still had extensive development and research into their durability, performance and life span.

Mid-range tyres are a great choice if a premium range tyre is just outside your price range, but you still want a high quality product.

Mid-range tyres come in many different brands such as Uniroyal, Hankook, Avon, Goodrich and many more and they can offer a longer lifespan than budget tyres. They are still researched and developed to the standards required, it is however slightly more expensive than a budget tyre and may last longer than a budget tyre. They are also a little quieter on the road than the budget tyres. They are often made by the premium tyre manufacturers.

In a lot of cases Mid-range brands can be found on a lot of fleet vehicles because they feel the handling of some vehicles is improved, especially on some company vehicles which each travel around 30,000 miles a year.

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