The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is an electronic system that is designed to monitor the air pressure in your tyres. A TPMS warning light should display on your dashboard when your tyre pressure is too low. You may experience a tyre blow out if your tyre pressure is too low and the TPMS system helps to prevent this from happening.

If you have an illuminated TPMS warning light on your dashboard, this indicates a tyre pressure drop in one (or more) of your tyres and needs your immediate attention. Alternatively, the sensor light may be on due to a sensor malfunction (usually due to battery failure or physical damage), which needs to be repaired as soon as possible. All brand new vehicles manufactured since 2014 come with TPMS as standard. If you have a faulty TPMS sensor you could also result in you receiving an immediate failure for the MOT.

When your tyres are at the correct pressure, it does decrease the cost in the fuel you use and also helps the life of the tyre to last longer. The majority of TPMS systems use a sensor which is attached to the back of the tyre valve which detects if your tyre pressure is low. There are some occasions when the sensors will also need to be replaced and re-programmed to your vehicle, our experienced fitters can also provide this service for you and source the sensors and valve if you required them to.

For only £60, we will come out to you at your location, whether it be at work or home, and we will repair your TPMS including fitting new sensors and re-programme it to your vehicle.

If your TPMS light has come on in your vehicle give us a call and one of our friendly fitters will book an appointment with you to come and see you and check your TPMS.

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