On November the 1st 2012 the European Union brought in a legal requirement on tyre labelling for manufacturers and retailers of tyres. All labels must display fuel consumption, wet grip and noise classification for that tyre.

Each label includes a classification from the best performance (green Category ‘A’) to the worst performance (red category ‘G’).

All tyres must have an EU Tyre Label displayed on it when it is manufactured and sent out to the garage or the customer.

Fuel Efficiency

This indicates the energy lost when a tyre is rolling ie. rolling resistance. The lower the rolling distance the less fuel is consumed and less CO2 emissions are released.

Wet Grip (Braking Performance)

Indicates how effective the tyre is on wet roads. Tyres that have a good grip in the wet will have shorter braking distances on wet roads. A indicates the best grip on wet roads, whereas G means very little grip in wet conditions.

Noise Emission

This is the exterior noise grading in decibels. On the black waves, one coloured indicates the best noise level at 3db below the legal limit in the future. When all three waves are coloured it means a high noise level.

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