Why buy a premium tyre?

Premium tyres offer a better overall performance than budget and mid-range tyres. They are pricier than other tyres but are more resistant to wear and tear and provide reassurance due to their added safety testing. They will also help to improve your fuel economy.

Performance of  Premium Tyres

Most importantly, premium tyres go through rigorous testing procedures. Premium tyres are designed using the best technology and engineering processes to ensure that they offer the best performance, last longer, are fuel efficient and are optimised for safety. In addition to this, they have better wet grip which is essential in the wet weather we regularly experience in the UK.

If you regularly cover a lot of miles, drive in all sorts of conditions and travel at high speed such as motorway driving, then premium tyres may be the best option for you. If you are unsure about what tyres you should have give us a call and you can speak with one of our friendly fitters who will help you make an informed decision.

Premium Tyres consist of Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli and many more. Each tyre goes through vigorous testing stages which determine whether it is a Premium Tyre or not and many aspects are looked into such as the rubber, tread, how they perform on a wet surface etc.

Research has found that Premium Tyres wear more slowly than budget or mid-range tyres and, they are more fuel efficient and quieter on the roads.

Prices of Premium Tyres

The prices of premium tyres are significantly higher than budget or mid-range tyres, this is because Dunlop and Goodyear and the other companies invest a lot in research and development. A lot of brand new cars may come with premium tyres when you first purchase a new car from a garage.

If you would like further information on Premium Tyres please give us a call on 0880 009 6867 and our friendly fitters would be happy to help.

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