Tyres are an important part of your car, many people don’t realise that there are a range of tyres available and what the differences are within them apart from they see an increase in the price.

Budget tyres are still safe and road legal and they all conform to the regulations they have to. Budget tyres are normally manufactured by smaller and lesser known brands, who use materials that are not as high a quality as some of the premium brands. This does not mean however that they are not safe as they all comply to the standards they should and a lot of people find they are more affordable. They do not last as long as premium tyres and are lower in price. Budget tyres will meet all of the minimum requirements and are safe to use on the roads. Some people prefer to have budget tyres as they do not do much driving so therefore feel the budget tyres are ideal for them.

In some cases some vehicles come with a recommendation of what tyres to put on the car, this is at the owners discretion if they wish to follow this advice.

Why buy a budget tyre?

Most people who buy a budget tyre base their choice solely on the price and not much thought goes into it apart from that. Why spend more on a premium tyre when you can buy a budget tyre for a fraction of the price? What is the cheapest tyre you can get for your car?

Tyre performance: budget tyres

Budget Tyres have passed all legal requirements and safety checks, they are all roadworthy and safe to drive on. Budget tyres are more suitable for lower mileage drivers and more urban driving.

We stock a range of budget tyres that we approve of but if you are looking for a particular tyre, or more advice, please get in touch.

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