What are locking wheel nuts?

Locking wheel nuts or lug nuts as they can also be called are used to keep your wheels attached to your vehicle. These nuts have a special key that you need to have to remove them if you ever need to.

If you ever need to change or repair your tyres and need to get the wheel off you will need the locking wheel nut. Most garages will supply this when you purchase the car and normally you will find it in the glovebox, in the compartments in the boot or with the spare wheel.

Cant find your Locking wheel nut?

Lost your locking wheel nut and need to get the tyre off your vehicle? Do not worry we can help! We offer a Mobile Service where we will come to your home or place of work and remove or replace your locking wheel nuts. We can supply new locking wheel nuts or come out and remove them nuts for you. If you just need the locking wheel nuts removed we can come and do this for you for £40, if you require a replacement set of locking wheel nuts we can also source them for you at an additional charge. In some cases you maybe unsure of what locking wheel nuts you have as they may have been kept from a previous car, we are help you determine which ones are correct.

On some rare occasions we may not be able to remove all the locking nuts, such as if they are too tight or they have become corroded, which may result in us recommending you go a vehicle engineer instead. A vehicle engineer could then drill out the locking nuts if required.

If you are not sure what you are looking for or are unsure what to buy, please give us a call on 0800 009 6867 and we will happily help you

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