On a hot sunny day all you want to do is go for a drive and relax, you get yourself ready, in the car and you spot you have a puncture or worse you get to where you are going enjoy a day out get in the car to come home and spot you have a puncture. How do punctures happen at the most inconvenient time and place?

We always have a thought great what do you do now, who do you call. Give Driveway tyres a call, we offer a fast and affordable puncture repair service for £25, and we come to you if you are stuck in the house or at work or on your way somewhere or on your way home wherever it maybe we will come to you and repair the puncture (if it can be repaired)

The £25 puncture repair service includes the puncture repair (if it is possible to repair), a new valve and the balancing of the wheel.

There may be on some occasions that we will find punctures cannot be repaired as the tyre is not road legal. Our experienced fitters will carry out an inspection of the tyre and if the puncture is not repairable or the tyre needs to be changed to road legal, we will change it for a replacement tyre (subject to availability). This allows you to go on your way without any more delays.

If in some cases we the puncture cannot be repaired we will fit a new tyre and the puncture repair charge will not be charged, we will just charge the cost of the replacement tyre.

If you would like further information about puncture repairs or have a puncture then please give us a call and we will happily help in any way we can.

Please Note: All puncture repairs are carried out to the correct standard and will be removed from the vehicle to assess the damage to inspect whether the puncture can be repaired. We may ask you for your tyre size as we do like to bring a spare tyre with us just in case the puncture cannot be repaired and a replacement tyre that is required.

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