We all put our keys in the ignition, expecting the car to start. If your battery fails, it always seems to happen at the worst time - such as when it is cold, wet and dark outside or your in a rush to get somewhere. In the colder months this is because we tend to ask more of the battery when it is cold and wet outside due to having the heaters, lights and windscreen wipers running constantly, causing an extra strain on the battery.

There are signs that your battery may be getting weak such as dim headlights or a sluggish starter motor. Generally, most batteries tend to last for 5 years, this can vary depending on how the vehicle is used and the extra demands that are put on the vehicle (such as using the heaters and lights constantly). If you use a lot of your vehicle you are asking more of it at regular times.

So what do you do, you need a new battery but you cannot go anywhere as you cannot move the vehicle, why not give Driveway Tyres a call. We offer a mobile battery replacements service at your home or place of work. One of our friendly experienced fitters will come out to your location to supply and fit a new battery. On some occasions we will carry out an inspection prior to fitting to make sure we are sourcing the correct battery as some vehicle models may have a specific type.

Battery prices can range from around £35 plus fitting and upwards, depending on the battery you need. We will quote you a price that includes the battery, fitting and disposal of the old battery (if requested by the customer).

If you need a battery replaced, give us a call on 0800 009 6867 or send us a message and one of our friendly fitters will be in touch to arrange to come out to see you and fit your new battery.

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